Employee of the Month!
September 2016MSM logo

Nicole Pineda

It’s rare that we recognize an Employee of the Month less than a year after they started. But, in March, a person began who quickly filled the void left when Kami went on maternity leave.

Nicole Pineda joined our extended corporate family when she joined INT in March. She quickly learned the “ins and outs” of our HR department and gradually added to her responsibilities so that the process of onboarding new employees was able to continue without a hitch.

Nicole understands the need to keep pushing people to make sure that all the proper forms get filled out; she does it in such a friendly way and with such a smile that everyone is happy to work with her to get the dreaded paperwork out of the way.

Her upbeat personality makes Nicole a joy to work with not only for the people at INT but for the many people on the MSM side of the building who come in contact with her.