Employee of the Month!
May 2015MSM logo

Ariel Klein

The true measure of an employee is demonstrated not only in the day to day work he or she does, but in how they are able to adapt when situations change. In May, when several people in her department were unexpectedly unavailable, Ariel Klein was tested and showed the sort of “can do” attitude we admire in her and many of the MSM staff! She came through for her team like a real champ.

Ariel joined the MSM family in March of 2014, quickly learning the process of entering scripts and then adding to her skills in order to be able to take on more responsibilities when other people in the department have to be out of the office.

But, with Ariel, it’s more than just doing her job and being a safety net when others have to be away. Whatever she’s doing, she does it with a smile. Her sense of humor comes through and helps to make the day a little brighter, even at times when things aren’t going quite right.

Thanks, Ariel, for being there for your team and the company and for helping make the days of everyone with whom you come into contact a little happier.