Employee of the Month!
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John Coxon

One of the big reasons that MSM is successful is because of the fact that we function as a large family; a family with many branches. One of the most important branches, is the branch that makes sure the money is properly deposited and accounted for.

John Coxon is the person who, among many other duties, makes that happen. When you’re dealing with money, “almost” can’t be part of your vocabulary. He does the time consuming and laborious tasks of reconciling the MSM Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables with the database each month. Each week, he’s also the person responsible for making sure that every radio station for which we work receives a check to pay for the spots we air.

John’s subtle sense of humor makes encounters with him a real treat.

John became part of our extended family in June of 2004 scanning orders into the computer. Each year since then, he has assumed more and more responsibility.