Employee of the Month!
January 2016MSM logo

Steve Knez

Many of the people who play an integral role here at MSM began their career in Sales and bring what they have learned in their sales training to their other positions within the company. Joining the MSM family almost 14 years ago, Steve Knez is no exception. After three years in Sales, Steve became an integral part of the Customer Service team where his contributions are essential to their success.

Steve is adept at juggling the varied duties required of members of his department; he’s able to provide the highest level of customer service to our customers and then quickly “switch hats” and make collection calls to customers who are late in making payments or calling stations to get additional paperwork. Whatever the task, Steve’s great sense of humor and eagerness to help shine through.

Steve doesn’t simply do what is required of him and stop; instead, he takes the extra step to make sure he contributes as much as he can. This is exemplified by the fact that several years ago, he taught himself Excel in order to be able to add another layer to his contributions to his department and to the company.

Congratulations, Steve! Keep striving to excel!