Employee of the Month!
Febuary 2015MSM logo

Tim Burrow

Since April 1, 1989, Mike Taylor has been a major contributor to the success of our company. He has helped thousands of salespeople attain their goals.

Until late last year, Mike’s main duties in his role as Sales Manager revolved around bringing out the best in our sales staff; many current salespeople owe their success to the help and direction he gave them. Then, in November of 2015, Mike decided that he could continue to positively impact our sales team and still give himself time to do what he loves most by becoming the training manager and getting back on the phone.

His ability as a trainer continues to be unexcelled in the industry as he shows that he can instill both the knowledge and values that make him so successful into each new crop of MSM salespeople.

As always, Mike, you’re doing a great job! We know that you’ll continue to be a leading force in our company for a long time to come.