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Laurie Weber

Month: April 2018

Laurie Weber

Any prosperous sales person has that moment when they turn the corner and go from hopeful to successful. Laurie Weber had that awakening last month, and that is why Laurie is our April Employee of the Month.

In April, Laurie had her best month with MSM. Her $17,768 in sales for the month was a 66.3% increase over her previous best month, which happened to be in March. Laurie also finished 8th in cold business in April writing $4,854. Besides being upbeat on the phone, Laurie is also a pleasure to have around the office. She always greets co-workers with a smile and is genuinely excited when someone around her gets a sale.

Art is her number one passion and after spending years as a substitute teacher, Laurie came to MSM in July of 2016 to nurture her sales skills and gain more confidence when presenting her artwork. If life imitates art, the painting on Laurie’s sales canvas continues to grow and expand every day. Congratulations Laurie Weber, MSM’s April 2018 Employee of the month!

Nate Crawford

10 Year Anniversary

Nate Crawford

Congratulations to Nate Crawford who today celebrates his 10th anniversary with MSM! Nate is a senior account executive and member of our mentoring program.

It’s great to have you as part of our team, Nate!

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