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MSM Penny Wars

MSM Penny Wars was a huge success. Over $1,023.00 was raised for the American Cancer Society in memory of MSM Salesman Tom Elwood. This two week event was great fun for all involved. The company was divided into 6 teams: management, administrative and 4 sales teams. The goal of the event was for each team to have the most pennies in their team jar. Each penny was worth +1 point. Each silver coin or paper money in the jar was worth negative its value. The teams were required to strategize as to where they wanted to deposit their donation. They could put pennies in their own jar, but which team should they target with the silver? The losing team was required to wear formal wear to the office on May 27th.

It was a close race until the end. Most thought it was the managers that were going to lose. Their jar was filled half way with silver coins by the end of the first week. But no one anticipated the power of the paper money. The last day a rogue $50 bill was placed in a sales team jar with very few pennies to counter the negative points of the $50 bill. Then the game was on! Each manager as well as other sales people targeted a single sales team and by the end of the day, Sales Team 5’s jar was filled with paper money.

This fun competition not only provided a great team building experience for the company but allowed MSM to honor one of its employees by raising a significant amount of money to be donated to a great cause, the American Cancer Society.