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4th Annual Cook-Off

MSM’s 4th annual cook-off took place on Friday, February 23rd. The theme was everyone’s childhood favorite dish: Macaroni and Cheese. The only parameter for this year’s recipe? The dish must include noodles and cheese. Everything else was up to the participating chefs. The cook-off had 5 competitors, all providing delicious and very different versions of one of our favorite comfort foods. The recipes ranged from a simple rich and creamy mac and cheese to a more luxurious and decadent version, one even including lobster and other delicious seafood. A great job by all our chefs: Greg Benson, Tim Burrow, Ariel Klein, and Ron Schumacher. We even had an anonymous entry this year! After the tasting was completed and the votes were counted, the winner of the 2018 MSM Mac and Cheese Cook-Off was Greg Benson. As this year’s winner, Greg was presented with a Gordon Ramsey 5-piece pasta set. Thanks to everyone who participated either by cooking or tasting and voting. We are looking forward to the 2019 Chicken Noodle Soup Challenge!