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Holiday Party

More than 60 MSM employees from our main office, branch offices and those who worked from home enjoyed a fantastic pre-New Year’s party at D’Agostino’s in Wheeling. Luckily the weather was on our side as we had employees coming from as far as Wisconsin and Indiana to enjoy the festivities.

Steve Remsing, a last minute write in candidate, was crowned the winner of the first annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest, walking off with a gift card to Macy’s. Steve wasn’t the only employee to walk away a winner; 20 other employees scored raffle prizes ranging from lottery tickets, gift cards, and even a fire pit.

A fun-filled photo montage featuring highlights from 2016 played throughout the event. If you haven’t seen the montage, make sure you watch below. The last 60 seconds is something you don’t want to miss.

As we leave 2016 behind, may our best sales day of 2016 be the worst sales day we see in 2017.